Selene Moreno is now an Author!

Get a signed copy of All Twins Are Not Alike

Selene Moreno is now an Author! Folks this Pre-teen is a phenom and her book, "Not All Twins Are Alike is available on now in its 2nd order...

In her words

 I am a twin. I have a twin brother, but we are total opposites. I love being creative. I love to paint pictures and sew. As a young entrepreneur, I started my own company, Selene’s Bubbly Bath Bombs, making luxurious bath-bombs. Above all, I am very passionate about reading books of various genres. From reading with my class and in my free time, I gained a strong love for books.

After a while, I wanted to read more books about brown twins that looked like me, but I was saddened when I could never find many. This inspired me to write! I wanted to be able to create stories about my experience, so other kids like me would be able to read it, just like I wanted to.

Click link below, head over to her PayPal and order ($14.99 USD) and  order your signed copy!