Monday 20th May

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I never ask a designer to do anything I myself will not undertake. So in  the  first session’ I’ll speak on answer many of the questions I get on this project and concepts on successful technology strategies and tools for the local creative industries!

We do not only work with fashion related creatives!  we also  work with Food concepts and those from the “Media & Stage”  Voice, Film Theater, Dance.  I defined it as Creative “EIn”- dustries because I believe new technology  allows for rethinking the delivery, the business model and the revenue model!

To truly  innovate & be competitive within these niches we need a “lab” and equipment! we need a space and the creatives need the “luxury ” of exploration. A great part of what we do is to lead and show “how” not as a final dictate, but as a possible alternative! So naturally How do you raise capital for your goals!

We have put in the sweat equity, We’re Always bootstrapping and work on a lean model, We’ve invested our resources however  we’ve reached a major efore we reach out to  investors, to strangers we’re reaching out to “Friends & Family”

As project lead, I’ve decided to set an example and put my  skill on the line

During this week There are two fundraising options.

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Subscribe to our  “International Summer of Change ” Creative Ein-dustries workshop!  A special version of my 28- squared program That will begin June 1st and run through to August 31st!

See Details on that offer here! Sessions are small you can attend from anywhere!

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