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BADASSE 3.0 How technology is redefining Local – Globally conversations with Makers!

A fundraising Breakfast and presentation and discussion on innovation, exploring new business models and leveraging  technology to  build local  economies! B.A.D.A.S.S.E IS an acronym for Business, Art, Design, Apparel, Sustainability, Styling and “Ein’-dustrial careers. It covers the Creative Industries with a viewpoint of creating companies that employ our communities.


BADASSE 3.0- Locals Successfully Leveraging Local Deal Sites!

May 21st 2-4 pm  EST Wanda Bruno has made the shift  From couture designer to couture design school. She’ll speak on her experience working with local deal sites and making local deal sites work for her!


BADASSE 3.0 How technology is redefining Local – Social Greatness- Transitioning from Employee to Independent Entrepreneur

May 22nd 2013 9-11pm EST Social- Greatness Louis Narcisse  CEO and Head Designer Pharaonic Brand Designs will speak on Transitioning from employee to Independent Entrepreneur and  how his  Social media Savvy became key  key to his company’s success


BADASSE 3.0 A Virtual FIT Strategy that works!

May 23rd  2013 6-8pm   EST – developing a   Virtual FIT Strategy that works . Bridal Designer Therez Fleetwood  discusses he solution to what is often seen as   an insurmountable challenge in the Fashion Tech  e-commerce  equation “FIT”



BADASSE 3.0 – How Social Collaborations & Commerce is redefining Local – Globally conversations with Makers!

May 24th  7-9 pm Social commerce – The Twin Island state of Trinidad  & Tobago (TT)  has a tradition of social commerce. Robert Anthony Young , a local TT designer , introduces us to his creative collaborative circle and  a successful an economy powered by   P2P  (peer to peer)


BADASSE 3.0 – How Clean technology, Green Business & Vertical production can redefine Local – Globally conversations with Makers!

May 25th 12-2pm EST Clean technology, Green Business & Vertical production   From New York With Love! Jonathan Adewume  – Nigerian  Fashion & Fabrics  a former New York Resident  is banking on new technology  &  processes


BADASSE 3.0 How Coworking, Open & the new “making” can redefine Local – Globally conversations with Makers!

May 25th 9-12pm EST   Tenneh Wilkins  & other New York’s Young NY Indie Designers discuss their needs & how current Tech solutions work for them.  We’ll also explore how Coworking, Open Fashion & the new “making”   in our Night owl coworking session which runs through 8am!


BADASSE 3.0 How technology is bringing Global- Local, Conversations with Maker From Paris with Love! !

May 26th 2013 5-7 pm EST  From Paris with love  Shop Globally  and  make  the world  your boutique-  Mike Sylla –Baifal Dreams  is determined to spread his wings globally and relies on technology, when Language becomes a problem he reaches for Google Translate or an interpreter via video conference or Facebook


BADASSE 3.0 How technology is redefining Access | Activism | Ecology | Industry and Shifting The Tides Local – Globally

May 27th 12 – 2pm EST  We’ll learn from Esther Joseph how the internet allows her to source, show and sell since leaving New York, enabling Access | Activism | Ecology | Industry  and  how it is helping her shift  tides in her Local community while accessing global support!


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