Koncepts & Konclusions- The making of a Startup!

modekompas social mobile local style finderModeKompas was conceptualized for the #hearstfashionhack 2013. The original concept was for a windows 8 app that would lead shoppers to local products based on images from the Hearst Api. The Hack ‘s start was delayed till 1pm and as such we had exactly 24 hours to be introduced to the Apis refine concepts and code! Like many the prizes sounded great but before the hack we had broached the topic go for the prize or a long term solution.

The challenge of “NINO”

It took awhile to pull the core concept together, we first had to get past a lot of kinks! It amazes me that every developer at hacks presentation praises the Api’s that they were a few hours before threatening and lamenting about!  As we started entering search terms from our customer profile we soon realized there was a problem, a check  with the developers alerted us to the fact the info simply did not exist!


That we could create another idea was simply never discussed… we all knew that this was needed… have you ever tried entering a search for that dress  or even search for food by say type from the food joint, “YOU KNOW EXISTS”!

Our developer’s noted we could, change plans or work on a solution for this problem.


We chose to work on a solution.

A successful App and business is not  just about raw technology;- What problem were we solving? For whom, which parties would benefit,  what were there individual  needs and desires? More importantly  what was the business and revenue model to sustain this solution! Tying together all the components suggested by team members was another challenge…


We were an all black team of four with a mandate not just to learn and have  fun but to challenge the ratio by participating in tech events. With NY under heavy snow, the time we were allotted was cut and one of our team members was injured shoveling snow!  He would be working from home and trouper that he was refused to seek medical help until he was no longer needed! We were all new to working together.

  1. Lateema Spencer our  developer was new to me, but I would not lie she was unlike most developers, a black female who loved fashion and was actually at NYFW with friends just this week.  Lateema Spencer is such a teacher she even stopped to encourage another young black female developer! we’ll add info on her company and teaching project as soon as we get it!
  2. Mirielle Liong runs two successful natural hair communities one in English the other in Dutch www.going-natural.com was running it’s annual next America’s Next Natural Model Pageant  even as the hack was in progress- She brought to the table vital user engagement experience and her suggestion will definitely be part of the final product!
  3. Louis Narcisse was on graphics- an expert with over 12`years developing the image that many top brands used to sell their  products or sold as products, he now runs www.pharaonicdesigns.com and is his expertise in social commerce is to be applauded. he was charge with developing a look for something that was not defined till well into Sunday morning! this brother is a  B.A.D.A.S.S.E.
  4. Bonnie Sandy, not only instigated but rounded out the team –  Realizing that the presentation would lean on concept  she put together a simple this site on wordpress, seeing the project through! A Creative Industries Advocate, with both a fashion and technology interest and background, she keeps an eye on both the emerging fashion and tech scenes, she brought her expertise as a custom fashion designer, exploring tech and expertise serving consumer needs to the table. It was her Brooklyn Fashion Week that brought the fashion.
  5. The fifth element! Technology that  does not meet the needs of the consumer or those it seeks to serve is destined to fail… The concept of fashion tourism  was triggered by designers in Caribbean (St Lucia) Brooklyn who wished to expand on a trend of shoppers travelling to buy their products! While consumers simply wanted an easy reliable way to find what they were looking for! We reached out to designers, stylist and shoppers that weekend and in less that 5 hours a few answered our call… www.iconicityfashion.com www.itesinternational.com WWW.CHILA4FUN.COM | Tina Echevarria and Diata Wallace to name a few- we thank them all 

Eventually our team decided to work on a long term solution that our community needed rather than bid for one of the prizes. At submission time we had our concept defined and theoretically could add the necessary info. we were not fully ready to present,but we did. We’d have to build out and launch at a later date.

We’ll need to go way beyond an app to solve this challenge… In order to see this through Modekompas will fall under TibiaeTech management. You can follow our progress join our mailing list at tuberiam.tibiaetech.com or use the contact us form!

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