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Creating Opportunities For Artist!

Selling creativity Beyond The Gallery

Art & Revenue Models

We are experts in offline creative events but they are costly and after two particularly successful arts events in 2016. We took a look at rethinking the revenue streams for artists!  Profit is not a four letter word and we are purposeful in exploring sustainable models and that honor and validate the revenue streams for artist.


Showing Off Events 3.0

artistic creative engaging  events


Digitalizing of Art

Digital Tye dye
Whatever your medium its tricky taking  art from the real world into the digital format without losing  that unique quality! This is a digital tie dye. The repeat was had created and digitized then put through through a digital art process to recreate the subtle shading variations, so that each  printed garment actually looks hand executed! 

Art as Merchandise

Offer you Art on Merchandise

During our pop up events you will find an infusion of art, artisan techniques and craftsmanship. We show our collaborative how to offer their artform as Merchandise

Art as POD Apparel

As an art support you can rest assured that the artist is at the center of all choices when it comes to their product!
Printed Apparel is hot. We off artist workshops on creating a “Line” that’s follows through on your design ethos and appeals to Their supporters. so if interested we invite you to contact us!

Art as Fabric

Actually Art as any printable surface! Is our current exploration! Textiles for sewing, fashion and home, Wall hangings.. and yes even quilting!

Custom artwear

The next stage is bringing you unique artwear!  Fashionable, functional, fitted apparel  that are literally works of art!  Exclusive to our Members. we’ll have exclusive members only  events. Its already begun 

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