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The Dream;- We believe that the Local Mom & Pop will soon be selling  on a digital  storefront! They will either lead or follow in this innovation. That applies to every niche and sector, to truly  innovate & be competitive within these niches we need a “lab” and equipment! we need a space and the creatives who  choose to take on the challenge, need the “luxury ” of exploration.

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“Sew Open” a Night-owl Coworking Fashion Tech Event

Tenneh Wilkins  Fabric coverMay 25th 9 pm – May 26th 9 am EST

Fashion Tech  conjures up so many variables, But what exactly  does it mean to the  hip young Independent designer who are part of the New York fashion Scene!

9-11 pm We’ll meet with Tenneh Wilkins  & other New York’s Young NY Indie Designers discuss their needs & how current Tech solutions work for them.  We’ll also explore how Coworking, Open Fashion & the new “making”   can work during our  Night owl coworking session which runs through 8 am!

we’re used to answering the question:- How do I  star a fashion line or How do I make a profit?  We’ve discussed or listened in On discussion on  new sales platforms yet few know  what Coworking is. So we invite designers to experience it Register and we’ll fill you in!

“Sew Open” or “Open Sew”

This project is in it’s infant stage but is meant to create a set of fashionable blanks for  media artist and textile designers, with a view to using digital printing and local production!