BADASSE 3.0- Social Commerce

robert youngMay 24th  7-9 pm

Social commerce – The Twin Island state of Trinidad & Tobago has a tradition of social commerce

Robert Anthony Young

Trinidad and Tobago has for decades, had a successful an economy powered by  a P2P (peer to pear) production and social collaboration and exceptional creative collateral. Robert Anthony Young joins us to discuss how technology is putting the “mas” in to creativity and creativity into technology!

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Eight Days- How technology is redefining Space, Access, consumers, Marketing and sales , via  and  will open up the online local independent creative design scene showing how the internet and emerging tech is affecting a global network of local designers, who now post, pin, share, like and tweet. Over the eight days we’ll look at how these actions are affecting design, sourcing, production and the very product they produce and at the challenges that are emerging- from the maker’s point of view!

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