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BADASSE 3.0 –   Across the world there is a renewed focus on local production even as technology brings the Global shopper closer to your door. At the same time many are heralding the Maker revolution & The rise of the Creative Industries.

B.A.D.A.S.S.E;- Is an acronym for Business, Art, Design, Apparel, Sustainability, Styling and “EIN’-dustrial” sector.  The prevailing  question  from trend analysis through to distribution, How can the local entrepreneur actually leverage the technology to his benefit.  Beyond the hype, how does one increase sales!

Since 2008 has ensured that Brooklyn has been part of the #IWNY event. Creating opportunities to “challenge the digital divide”, by helping those offline to explore online emergent technologies and have seen many successfully master the  transition! Many have not only stayed but are quietly seeing success!

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