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May 15th 2013

BADASSE 3.0,  Eight day, 8+ Designers launches with a fundraising Breakfast for Flatbush Tech center.

This year East  Flatbush is on the IWNY calendar thanks to  a start-up  determined to provide a gateway  as well as a local space for local entrepreneurs to partake in the tech boom. 

B.A.D.A.S.S.E 3.0 a week long series during which Technology will enable a broad audience to hear from Fashion Designers across the world via tools they now utilize to connect daily in an unprecedented manner. The Series is primarily online with a few off line events including a fundraising breakfast and presentation of BADASSE 3.0 How technology is redefining Local – Globally: Conversations with Makers!” on Monday 20th May at 8 am at the Esaie Design Studios 944 Flatbush Avenue 3rd floor. Advance tickets can be purchased at Donations can be made online or at the event. 

The second offline event takes place on Saturday, May 25th when the co-founders invite the public to partake in coworking and explore “Open Sew,” which is a project aimed at designing a line of garments specifically for printing that will be made available to artist and textile designers. The focus is about innovation, exploring new business models and leveraging technology to support the community.  Essentially, designers get to present from their studios in their various countries.

B.A.D.A.S.S.E is an acronym for Business, Art, Design, Apparel, Sustainability, Styling and “Ein’-dustrial careers. It covers the creative industries with a viewpoint of creating companies that employ our communities. 3.0 refers to the latest iteration and advancement of technology. It is the latest in a series of projects designed to challenge local entrepreneurs out of their comfort zone, while educating the wider audience.

Many have heard from many “techies” about  how their apps work for “makers,” but what about makers? How do they feel about the technology? How is it affecting or changing their art their craft and their business?

The participating groups are masters within the art of design all blazing a trail and setting high standard in workmanship and business success. Those who RSVP to the free series will receive a guided tour of the works from New York’s Wanda Bruno of Esaie Couture Design School; Louis Narcisse of  Pharaonic Designs; Tenneh Wilkins from  House of Rubi and Atlanta’s Therez Fleetwood of Therez Fleetwood Bridals. Former New York Residents Jonathan Adewume, now residing in Nigeria and Esther Joseph now in St.Lucia will join the line up as will Mike Sylla of Paris and Robert Anthony  Young of Trinidad and Tobago. The series is curated by Bonnie Sandy, a brooklyn Based Trindad Fashion Tech creative advocate and one of the cofounders of Tibiaetech Inc.

Since 2008, has ensured that community entrepreneurs from Brooklyn have been part of the Internet Week New York (“IWNY”) event. This year IWNY will explore how technology has disrupted and revolutionized every facet of business dedicating focus on technology’s impact on fashion & beauty, food, and music, in addition to IWNY’s mainstay focus on advertising, media, and marketing. Brooklyn Fashion Week is registered to present an event over eight days showcasing designers and how they leverage technology in various aspects of PLM, marketing and sale.

As it is their mandate to assist local creative businesses reach a wider market and so support their communities, they’re creating opportunities to “challenge the digital divide,” by helping those offline to explore online emergent-technologies. From May 20-27, 2013, Tibiae Tech and via, will host a series of live broadcast featuring the online local-independent creative design scene on Internet Week New York (“IWNY). This series of events will demonstrate how the internet affects a global network of local designers who are  posting, pinning, sharing, and tweeting. They will look at how these actions are affecting design, sourcing, production and the very products the sector produces, in addition to the challenges that are emerging from the designer’s point of view.

As an Internet Week New York 2013 partner the organization will become part of an extraordinary list of leaders who have participated in the week-long festival, including Google, Yahoo!, The New Museum, The Webby Awards, Time Inc., Vice, Meetup, The Creators Project, The Onion, Flavorpill, CollegeHumor, 92Y Tribeca, among others. We will also join a who’s who of artists, innovators, and thinkers who have headlined IWNY events, from Will Arnett, Ashton Kutcher, Nicholas Kristof, and Arianna Huffington to Barry Diller, Amy Poehler, and Anthony Bourdain.

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TibiaeTech Inc. was conceived in 2012 as a business incubator and accelerator that develops, promotes and supports local technology-related entrepreneurs as they enter the start-up arena by providing resource professionals and office space. Our mission is focused on shifting the economic decline in urban communities by creating thriving technology powered start-ups and small businesses that can compete in today’s emerging high-growth marketplace. It is our mandate to address the lack of diversity in the technology sector among entrepreneurs by bridging the technology gap in our local community.

Through, creative tech advocate  Bonnie Sandy has successfully assisted entrepreneurs with promoting and mastering the transition from an offline to online marketplace. These businesses have continued operating in the online community and, as  a result, are experiencing success. That  project has now expanded into’s. is an on-line media site that celebrates the ever-changing digital landscape in New York through almost 200 citywide networking events, meet-ups, panels, conferences, hack days, and more. NYEDC is hosting the following Internet Week panel along with NYC Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (NYC DoITT), focusing on the annual NYC BigApps competition and how it related to the City’s overall efforts to promote innovation and open government.

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