BADASSE 3.0 Makers Talk Tech- Steps to getting “it” into the hands of your customer!

Space in Brooklyn- Flatbush Noire Creative tech coworking incubator acceleratorMay 20th 8-11 am EST

Makers Talk Tech- Steps to getting “it”… into the hands of your customer!

A discussion on successful technology strategies and tools for the creative industries!

A fundraiser for TibiaeTech’s Creative  Coworking Space…

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$50 at Door 9-11am

  • Breakfast & Networking
  • Launch of our IndieGoGo campaign
  • Presentation;
  • Q &A

In the coming months every sector will be affected by technology, from trend analysis through to ideation, sales and distribution.  How can local entrepreneurs actually leverage technology to be effective in their goals! How do  emerging technology, media and protocols shift those goals!

B.A.D.A.S.S.E IS an acronym for Business, Art, Design, Apparel, Sustainability, Styling and “ein’-dustrial careers.  It covers the Creative Industries with a viewpoint of creating companies that employ our communities. 

Since 2008, has ensured that community entrepreneurs from Brooklyn have been part of the Internet Week New York (“IWNY”) 7 other events.

B.A.D.A.S.S.E 3.0 – How technology is redefining Space, Access, consumers, Marketing and  Sales – is an independent partner at a week-long festival Internet Week New York 2013 celebrating technology, business and culture: – May 20-27th  2013

We’re focused on bringing offline entrepreneurs during @InternetWeekNy

About Bonnie Sandy Currently spearheading the establishment of a Creative Tech Incubator/Accelerator Space in The Brooklyn’s urban community, Bonnie Sandy has used technology extensively since 2003 testing theories, strategies and applications as they relate to successful design and business protocol. During that  period she has been on two teams awarded best use of an API at the one at Photo HackDay NY and the other at the  Gilt Fashion Hack!

In 2011 she spearheaded a team that explored the life real time stream collaborations featuring dancers in NYC, Ghana, Vermont And St.lucia! Lately her exploration has evolved around an integrated offline and cloud hosted space to accommodate “creative ein-dustrialist”.

She’ll discuss and demonstrate the optimal technology as well as the challenges found in current platform designed to aid an entrepreneur in  supplying their customer needs!

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BADASSE 3.0 Eight Days- How technology is redefining Space, Access, consumers, Marketing and sales , via  and  will open up the online local independent creative design scene showing how the internet and emerging tech is affecting a global network of local designers, who now post, pin, share, like and tweet. Over the eight days we’ll look at how these actions are affecting design, sourcing, production and the very product they produce and at the challenges that are emerging- from the maker’s point of view!  We’re focused on bringing  offline entrepreneurs online  during @InternetWeekNy   BADASSE 3.0 is an independent partner at  a week-long festival Internet Week New York 2013 

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