BADASSE 3.0 Adventures in Technology While Crossing The Atlantic

The state of independent fashion- how can I get thatMay 25th 9-12pm EST

Adventures in Technology while crossing the  Atlantic (Ave  in Brooklyn’s)

Come explore how Coworking, Open & the new “making”  can redefine Local  at TibiaeTech’s Flatbush Noir Night coworking at Esaie Design Studio.

Our Young Coworkers share the value in having a viable space that offers incubation, affordable coworking training and mentoring in their local urban community. Young Indie designer Tenneh Wilkins of House of Rubi, will share her experience  as a NEw york indie designer! The team from Tibiaetech speaks on the challenges of “challenging the digital divide”  We’re experimenting with business models for a local  creative industries & so night-owl coworking will continue till May 26th  8 am – check new additions at

We invite you inside the coworking space to see how we explore technology no holds barred as we share ideas on tele-presence, coworking, and open design with a mixed group of artist in various disciples how to use tele-presence. If you want to attend in Brooklyn use the contact form at the end of the page!

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Eight Days- How technology is redefining Space, Access, consumers, Marketing and sales , via  and  will open up the online local independent creative design scene showing how the internet and emerging tech is affecting a global network of local designers, who now post, pin, share, like and tweet. Over the eight days we’ll look at how these actions are affecting design, sourcing, production and the very product they produce and at the challenges that are emerging- from the maker’s point of view!

We’re focused on bringing  offline entrepreneurs online  during @InternetWeekNy

BADASSE 3.0 is an independent partner at  a week-long festival Internet Week New York 2013 c 

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