Here’s what you need to know about buying print on demand products!

POD, stands for Print On Demand. It means that the items are printed as ordered.  This drops the  price of original artwork to an affordable price point and the cuts the cost large scale printing thus it allows artist to create very realistic reproductions on a variety of product! So artist can now recoup that took $6000 of painstaking labor plus supplies and creative equity while allowing more folks to enjoy his offering! this technology also makes it possible to print only what  is needed , when it is needed! As a result it take varying lengths of time so order early. Digital printing is in  itself a skill and an artform and prices for services vary.

Value and Price Point

There are several levels of service that affect the price points you as a customer will pay.


  • Original vs sourced and licensed assets!
  • Digitizes hand painted or Mixed media art or Digital ArtWork

What its printed on

  • Generic Blanks
  • Custom Blanks
  • Full pre-made apparel
  • preprinted components
  • Fabric that is then cut
  • Fabric by the yard or length!

Who does the printing and fulfillment! 

There are companies that license teh art of artist and pay them a fixed percentage of the sales. You will not see variations in the art work and so may find 1000’s of the same item being sold. they curate and the options are streamlined… and limited.  There are those that began as Tee shirt printing companies and so the “Fashion” aspect of their offering is limited and they have spot printing vs  all over  printing. Some specialize in fabric only, while others apparel only. Artist  may opt to ship directly impacting  lead times but allowing for quality control.  Many offer drop shipping options. Some allow extreme flexibility even integrating their order process into your site. Other do not  and you then  have to place and “fulfill” your own orders and so have longer lead times!

Buying POD products, Merchandise & Services

What affects the price of a POD product! — even on the same platform artist use different costing factors. an Artist  that is not licensing his own work… or not using assets from other or who does not alter or enhance such assets, will have a higher markup from someone who has not vested any significant time into their images! Different platforms have different price points. Some artist may also do additional handwork on POD items!

Take a measuring tape and check your sizing against a companies size chart.  Small companies cannot afford to eat the cost of returns!

Buying a Print  does not give you license to copy that artwork! Contact artist for licensing details.

In our Popups and Showroom, Each artist is responsible for the sale and  fulfillment of their products. Many of the items are  handcrafted. Some of the art items may have been printed, again by hand or by digital printing  methods. While the final artwork is digitally printed the prep for this process is detail intensive and can take weeks and even months from research to finished art!  This example series was created as part of our POD workshop series! It took 5 years of staged development to arrive at this final print and we will continue to evolve it!



Art Merchandise

We are unapologetically about mentoring and sharing knowledge. This motif was designed to show how zero-cost startup techniques do not have to look cheap or generic! This is an example of
Social research & Trending
Digital Art using FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)
Digitalizing your art
Digital surface/textile design
Creating for and using POD Print On Demand platforms!
90 products in this one design approach! See full line 

All Over Apparel

Get your art on clothing! All over printed apparel with a fashion forward slant is another level of POD. With this option our members do comprehensive  research to find the supplier who best suits their needs. The calculation is  more technical as there are more moving parts! the focus on this component is more about the ideal consumer for the brand and meeting specific needs! we focus on size 5x for men and women is our project shop! Again available via workshops sign up for our mailing list at bottom of page to be notifies of our  Fall workshops!

check out Charlies Trellis in the Tropical ReGenesis collection!  these take 4-6 weeks to process so order early!

Fabric By The Yard

One of our goals  is to offer fabric by the yard, the  process is similar but here scale and types of fabric will play a role. its still a it  costly so we sought the best print on demand resource and will offer these in batches to get more competitive prices! To be notified of these offers Sign up to our telegram channel  

Capsul Collections

This Season we move towards introducing a core capsule collections made from POD fabrics. this combines our textile design and Fashion design backgrounds! That means creating patterns that leverage the lengths and fabrics we are currently able to print, while sourcing  more print options!  Those in ur workshop will have an opportunity to create their own take on the generated designs!
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